Our Bespoke service is one of a kind - If you can dream it, we can find it!

Don't worry if you don' see the car you need on this site, we provide a bespoke service helping you source the car you need for your wedding, event, film or photoshoot. Over the years we've sourced vehicles for celebrities, procured cars for the 007 James Bond movies and the Gumball3000-Rally with drivers such as F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, David Hasselhoff, skateboarding legend Tony Hawk and countless others. 

With more than 20 years of experience in the car, TV and entertainment industry, we have the expertise and knowledge that comes from working in all aspects of production. Our team undertands the unique set of challenges and needs that arise when organizing a big event, photoshoot, music video, or movie-shoot.


We aim to make your car rental experience quick, easy and flexible. We can work with you to arrange delivery at your shooting location along with any bespoke services you may require. Just let us know the specifics of your event, film or photoshoot along with what vehicles you need, and our team will be glad to help.